Get Some Hens

One way of making your garden a more lively place is to get a few hens and let them roam free. This will no doubt add an element of chaos to your life as well as to your gardening, but it is so worth it. Just imagine getting some newly laid eggs to cook for breakfast, or sitting in the sunshine with a cup of coffee while your hens are coming to greet you, clucking friendly. 

How Many Hens?

The number of hens is of course dependent on the time and effort you want to spend. In a smaller garden, 3 to 5 hens plus a rooster works fine, for bigger gardens you can extend this number. 

Bigger roosters can manage a flock of up to 12 hens, while smaller breeds will manage about half that. You can keep a few hens without a rooster, but you will not get any chickens and the rooster will keep the hens calmer. 

Hen House

Ah, and here comes one more perk: you’ll need a shelter for the hens. You now have the perfect excuse to build a solid hen house with all imaginable smart solutions. 

Fresh Eggs

The main perk of having a flock of hens is of course the fresh eggs. To optimize your flock, use some kind of software tool to collect the data. Getting techie about it, use Google data visualization to keep track of the favourite places to lay, who’s the best layer and anything else that could be interesting to keep track of.