I Like Mowing the Lawn

Now, that’s a strange thing to say. But I have actually found a way to turn lawnmowing into a pleasure instead of a pain in the butt you have to endure several times a week. Let me tell you how! 

Pimp Your Ride

Regardless of whether your ride is an old diesel mower from the last century, a huge riding mower or a mowing robot, you’ll need to pimp it to give it some sass. Make your own holographic stickers and put them on. You’ll notice that it just became one notch easier to get to the mowing. 

Find Your Zen

Some folks think the repetitiveness of mowing to be calming in itself. I’m not one of those. I need more than just sitting on my riding lawn mower to find calm. Then I found podcasts! It’s like radio but you can choose what to listen to by yourself. 

I love different gardening podcasts or podcasts about tools and tech. Sometimes I just take something at random, and heck, I’ve even listened to some episodes on politics. I put my headphones on, press play and just go. The lawn gets mowed in no time, and I’m happy about it. 

Get a Mower That Suits You

Lastly, if you have a crappy old mower that doesn’t do the job properly, is hell to start and keeps stopping all the time: get a new one. As with all tools, there is nothing more annoying than stuff that doesn’t work properly. 

I love my riding mower and would recommend one every day of the week.