Whether you have huge areas of growing land or just a small(-ish) orchard, there is a simple way to increase your crop: make sure every blossom is pollinated. You could, of course, use a small paint brush and do it by hand, but there is an easier way that is friendly to the environment and helps our planet to thrive at the same time. Make sure you have enough honey bees in the vicinity.

Keep or Hire

If you just have an orchard for yourself and the joy of it, you could also keep a couple of bee hives. It is a nice addition to the garden, and the work with the bees is relaxing. As a bonus you’ll also get your own supply of honey. 

Should you own many acres of land, you may want to look into hiring a pollination company. They will provide you with a number of bee hives during blossoming, and then move the hives elsewhere. Less fuss and larger crops for you.

Check the Impact

As for all businesses, the bottom row is important when you are doing professional farming. One way of checking the impact of pollination is using a data mapping tool. Treat the beehives as customers, map their number and the resulting crops in the areas around the hives. 

If you don’t include all of your land in your pollination program, you’ll be able to measure the exact impact of the pollination provided. The results will be easy to visualize if you use data mapping.