Keep It Neat And Orderly

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to keep things in order. That way, you’ll always find the saw or other tools when you need them. No spending hours trying to find the missing spade or not finding the new seeds you know you bought last week. 

 Throw Out The Broken Tools

The first step to getting things in order is throwing the broken tools out of the tools shed. Admit it, you have a few of those, right? Waiting to be fixed? Mh-hm, I thought so. Fixing tools is all good, but move them to the workshop, where you’ll do the fixing. When they are fully functioning, they can move back to the tool shed. 

Find The Proper Places

Then you put each tool in its proper place. If you need to put hooks and shelves on the walls. Don’t stack stuff on the floor. Only the mower is allowed on the  floor. 

Make custom stickers online and label each place! Yeah, it sounds a bit fiddly and girlie, but believe you me: it’ll make your life easier. Especially if you share your life and your tool shed with a missus. 

Sort Your Seeds And Bulbs

Now, do the same thing once again. But this time, with all your seeds and bulbs. Don’t you just hate buying seeds at the store just to get home and find that you already had a sleeve (or even two) of just that? 

Well, by going through the ones you have and put them all where they belong, you can focus on getting new ones.