Let Your House Blossom

While I love gardening and being outdoors, there is a finite period of time when it’s at its best. The rest of the year it’s nice but not as great. But here’s how you can garden even during the cold and dark months: move your garden indoors. 

It may sound silly, but there are those die-hard gardeners who refuse to do any indoor gardening. Stop being stubborn and get growing, I say. We all need more plants in our lives. 

Potted Plants Are Your Friends

Potted plants will give your house a more cozy and homey feeling and at the same time they clean the air for you. 

By gardening indoors with potted plants and even small indoor greenhouses, not only will you prolong the blossoming season but you’ll also have the chance to grow some plants that require a warmer climate. If you don’t want the exotic plants, you can use pots to pre-grow plants that you want to transfer to your garden in the summer. 

Extras For Kitchen And Restroom

Bring your favourite flower into your kitchen and restroom. Order custom vinyl stickers with your favourites and decorate the tiles. A great way to get perfect flowers all year round with no effort.  

In the kitchen you may want to add a few pots of fresh herbs, live one that is. Nothing makes the missus as happy as some fresh cilantro or basil for the Friday night dinner. You may even get her to help watering the herbs.