We know that it can be hard to maintain an organic garden and today we want to share some great tips about how you can protect your plants and crops in a natural and eco-friendly way. Perhaps you don’t have Dracula himself walking around your garden at night, pulling out carrots and munching on your spinach leaves, but garlic can be a very effective way to fend off a variety of bugs and insects. 

It is not just humans who find garlic to be a big smelly at times. In a way, garlic might be more of a repellent than an insecticide, which makes it all the more appealing since you don’t have to kill the little creatures to protect your garden.

Make a simple garlic spray with a couple of garlics (not cloves, but two entire garlics), and put them in a blender or mixer with a bit of water. Let this sit overnight and strain it, add a cup of vegetable oil, a teaspoon of liquid soap and fill up the spray bottle with water. Shake it and voila, you have got yourself a spray that will probably repel both insects, humans, and vampires.

 You can make a similar spray with chile powder or fresh chilis. Protect yourself and others from accidentally thinking that this is a water spray bottle for the laundry with the help of custom vinyl stickers. If you get that on your linen, we don’t know if you’ll ever get rid of the smell.