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6 Top-Rated Heirloom Seed Companies for Sustainable Gardening

Whether you are concerned about GMOs, looking for enhanced flavor and nutritional value in your fruits and veggies, or just like the idea of continuing a generations-long process, finding the right heirloom seed company is essential for gardening success. Here are six of the highest-rated heirloom seed companies on the web.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Based in Mansfield, Missouri, Baker Creek is a family-owned operation. They offer over 1,800 varieties of heirloom seeds, including herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Here you will also find some of the oldest seeds available, including a selection from 19th century Asia and Europe.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Specializing in flowers, herbs, and vegetables that thrive in the Southeast and the Mid-Atlantic, this is the place to go for unique Southern heirlooms, such as cotton, collards, turnip greens, southern peas, and butterbeans.

Seed Savers Exchange

This non profit organization was one of the first to begin promoting growing heirlooms, commercially and in home gardens. Currently their collection includes over 20,000 seed varieties. You can also order transplants of herbs, vegetables, and even heirloom apple trees (they have seeds of over 1,000 different types).

Renee’s Garden Seeds

Renee Shepherd runs this business personally out of Felton, California, and gives a personal touch to the heirloom seed tradition. You’ll find vegetables, herbs, and flowers that Renee has personally grown in her garden and enjoyed. Seed packets come with her own descriptions and growing instructions.

Fedco Seeds

A cooperative business that is 40 percent employee owned. Fedco is based in Clinton, Maine, and specializes in cold-hardy plants that can survive the harsh Northeast climate. Their selection includes seeds, tubers, trees, and bulbs. They do not have a brick-and-mortar store, but orders can be placed online, or via mailed catalogue.

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply

Located in Grass Valley, California, this company appropriately has a broad selection of native grasses, as well as wildflowers, and vegetable seeds. Their website also offers a wide variety of gardening tools, and online resources.